You Might Be a Foodie Traveler, IF…You Match Most of These 13 Reasons

FlyAwayU | Foodie Traveler in France
Molly, my foodie soul sister eating strawberry pie in France.

“Foodie: a person keenly interested in food, especially in eating or cooking.” ~

“Traveler: 1. a person or thing that travels. 2. a person who travels or has traveled in distant places or foreign lands.”

“Foodie Traveler: a person with an extreme interest in food that travels just to experience food.” ~ Heidi Medina

I’m coming clean and admitting my dirty little secret. I’m a foodie traveler.

I’ll admit that I’m cringing just saying those words. I immediately think of Portlandia when I say the word foodie. And the images of people asking pretentious questions like “Is this chicken free-range?” or “where are these greens grown?” pops into mind.

I just want to scream, “Do you even know what free-range means?” and “Does it really matter where the greens come from? Are you not going to eat them if they came from Farmer Bob instead of Farmer Joe?”

As you can see, I’m a little passionate about this topic. And why I don’t like to associate with the word “foodie.” It’s like a dirty word in our home.

Is that saying I don’t talk to waiters or others about food? No, of course, I do.  I love having conversations about food and where it comes from or how it was cooked. I enjoy comparing recipes or learning how to make a dish better. I’m just not one of those people tossing around trendy buzz words pretending I know what I’m talking about. It’s the main reason I hate associating the word “foodie,”  another buzz word, with myself.

For me, it’s not just eating and drinking that brings me joy; it’s the art of creating a new dish or the excitement finding a new ingredient. I love how food brings people together, making them satisfied and happy.

Cooking food allows me to connect with my zen place. When I’m cooking, I’m at my most present. I’m in the moment, alive and feeling awesome. Turn on some music, pour a glass of wine, give me my knives, a few ingredients and I’ll make you a tasty meal.

Okay, I’m over my rant. Let’s get back to you. Are you a real foodie or just a pretend one because avocado toast is trendy at the moment? Join me, as we explore the 13 reasons you might be a true foodie traveler.

You Might Be a Foodie Traveler, IF…

FlyAwayu | Foodie Travel in Spain
Tapas in Cadiz, Spain

1. You Pick Your Travel Destinations Based on the Local Cuisine

Do you plan a trip to Thailand just to eat authentic Pad Thai? Or take a jaunt around Italy tasting olive oil? If you intend all or most of your travel destinations on the local cuisine, you qualify as a foodie traveler.

FlyAwayU | Foodie Traveler in London
Colorful mushrooms found in Bourgh’s Market, London, UK

2. If you make it a point to visit local farmer’s markets and food events

You are a foodie traveler if you make it a point to seek out all the local farmer’s markets and food events everywhere you go. Shopping at the farmer’s market is not only an excellent way to save money on fresh food, but it’s also an awesome way to experience local cuisine and educate yourself on the local foods. Food festivals are the same way. David and I never visit a place without finding all the local markets.

FlyAwayU | Foodie Traveler in Cadiz
David eating octopus tentacles in Cadiz, Spain

3 You seek out and try the local foods

One man’s weird is another man’s normal. To you, eating scorpions, ants, bugs, offal and fermented foods might be strange. But to someone else, the “regular” food sitting in your pantry may be weird. That’s the awesomely cool world we live. What makes you a guaranteed foodie traveler is if you are willing to try strange new foods.

FlyAwayU | Foodie Traveler in Italy
Excellent wood-fired pizza at Casa San Carlo in Monteleon d’Orivetto, Umbria, Italy

4 You only eat at “local” places and avoid tourist restaurants like the plague

A real foodie traveler will avoid eating in tourist areas and find out where the locals eat. Tourist restaurants are just horrible examples of what the local food is and quite often it’s been changed to match the tastes of tourists. And they are always overpriced. Not to mention, the majority of the food poisoning we’ve had, came from getting lazy or in a hurry and eating at a tourist restaurant.


FlyAwayu | Foodie Traveler in portugal

5 You decide if the trip was a success based on your food experiences

Did you have one of the best burgers you’ve ever eaten in Portugal? Or maybe find an amazing roasted porchetta sandwich In Italy? Did you manage to eat at a restaurant run by or recommended by your favorite chef? Or locate the holy grail of old recipes for haggis in Scotland? If things like these made you feel like you had the trip of a lifetime, then you’re a foodie traveler.

FlyAwayU | Foodie Traveler in Italy
Picking olives in Trevi, Umbria, Italy

6 You talk more about the food of a location, then the “sights”

If your food stories take center stage instead of the world-famous sights you saw, then you ARE a foodie traveler. Food is always the center point of our travel stores. Our favorite memories center around food. Therefore, we will talk about the sights at some time but the food is usually first.

FlyAwayU | Foodie Traveler in Morocco
A beautiful neighbor who cooked for us in Morocco

7 You’ll go the distance to visit or find the best restaurant or food

You’re a foodie travel if you spend hours searching travel blogs, food review sites, talking to other travelers, asking the locals, paying a neighbor to cook or getting lost trying to find the best food in town.

FlyAwayU | Foodie Traveler in Paris
I stood in a really long line to get these delicious macaron desserts from Y. Martin in Paris.

8 You go to great lengths to eat at a restaurant, including bribing or begging the host/hostess

Will you beg, bribe, cry, flatter or try to trick a restaurant host/hostess or other customers into giving you a reservation or allowing you to eat at a restaurant that you’ve heard is awesomely tasty? If so, you really are a foodie traveler. I’ll completely admit to being guilty of most of these.

FlyAwayU | Foodie Traveler in Copenhagen
David looking through the window at Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark

9 You make restaurant reservations months in advance of your trip

You are a foodie traveler if you’ve already mapped out all the places you want to eat before arriving somewhere. Or booked your restaurant reservations before your transportation tickets or hotel rooms.

FlyAwayu | Foodie Traveler in Cascais Portugal
Sardines and potatoes on the beach in Cascais, Portugal.

10 It’s about the experience of eating, not just the food

If you understand that the ambiance, experience, people, and atmosphere are just as important as eating the food, then you are a foodie traveler. For example, you want to sip cafe and eat pastries on a Roman sidewalk while people watching, or nibble a French baguette while sitting with the locals on the steps or Parisian Gothic church or learn how to eat Moroccan tagine using bread as your silverware. If you know and want these types of experiences you are definitely a foodie traveler.

11 You’re willing to go to cooking classes in a foreign language

Cooking and food conquer all language divide and the foodie traveler knows this. Who cares that the class is taught in Chinese or in Italian, as in our case! It’s all about the bonding over food.

FlyAwayu | Foodie Traveler in ireland
Making homemade pizzas in our kitchen in Shankill, Dublin, Ireland

12 If your vacation rental must have a kitchen

If you WANT to cook up those amazing fava beans or fresh fish you’ve never heard of that you found at the market during your travels then you are a foodie traveler. While eating out is great, cooking at home is also a must for the foodie traveler because you want to experience the food as you would make it.

FlyAwayU | Foodie Traveler in Rome
Gelato at Gelateria La Romana in Rome, Italy

13 If all your friends ask you where to eat

You know you’re a foodie traveler when you’ve eaten and traveled so extensively that all your friends ask you where to eat when they travel. And this is the ultimate point of knowing that you truly are a foodie traveler because it means your friends acknowledge both your love for travel and food.

So how many of these reasons do you match? Are you a foodie traveler? Does your world revolve around food? Or do you have an awesome reason that I forgot to include?

Please share your food stories, thoughts and answers in the comments section. And remember, good food feeds the soul.

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