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David and I never dreamed that we would be starting FlyAwayU after living a location independent lifestyle for almost three years, especially while owing over $80,000 in student loan debt. But here we are!

Since arriving back in the States, we've been bombarded by people wanting to know how we did it. So...

We created FlyAwayU to:

#1 – Answer All Your Questions about how we did it.

#2 – Stop You from Becoming $80,000, or even $37,172 (the average US student loan debt in 2016), deep in student loan debt, whether you're working on your undergrad degree, or continuing on for your Master's or Ph.D.

#3 – You Can Afford to Travel. 

#4 – Help Debunk the Myth that Traveling Outside the US is Scary. 

#5 – Show You the Choices and Options You Have and that you can have the life you want, for A LOT less than you think. 

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"But wait...there's more!"

Sorry, couldn't resist referencing back to the Billy Mays commercials. But wouldn't you like to be like Billy Mays? A man who realized many of his own dreams because he went for it.

That's what FlyAwayU is all about. Helping you realize YOUR dreams. Use our tips, tricks, tools, and experts to gain your ROAMING EDUCATION and climb out of the trap of conventional thinking. The same trap David and I were trapped in when we started traveling. We never realized how many other options and choices we had until we lived overseas for over a year and learned there is more.

FORGET THE "RULES." You don’t need them because YOU DO HAVE CHOICES and we’ll show you that YOU CAN HAVE THE LIFE YOU WANT without giving up your freedom and soul to get it.

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David and I look forward to welcoming you aboard FlyAwayU and helping you on your journey of a lifetime,

David and Heidi

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