Travel Tales: Our Walks with Moroccan Spirit Guide Dogs

FlyAwayU | Moroccan Spirit Guide Dogs: the Twins female
Moroccan Spirit Guide Dogs: the Twins female

Tamraght, Morocco.

A small fishing town turned surf village, sitting about mid-way down the Moroccan coastline, its infamous turquoise blue waves world renown for international surfers and European vacationers. And while we loved the amazing beaches, it was our morning walks with our “Spirit Guide Dogs” who had the most affect on us.

You see, Tamraght is filled with “wildlife,” including stray dogs, cats, goats, chickens, sheep, and a camel or two. And while we enjoyed the cats lounging in the seats of restaurants, the goats who kept the hibiscus hanging over our door trimmed, and the chicken scratching in the streets, it was the dogs who captured our hearts.

The stray dogs of Tamraght run in packs down on the beach and through the town, mostly waiting on handouts of food from tourists or caring locals. Friendly in their advances, they would give soulful puppy eyes and happy barks to attract attention. And several were more than happy to escort us on our daily morning beach walks.

We called them Spirit Guide Dogs because the whole experience felt so spiritual when these dogs joined us. It was as if the Universe felt we needed the extra love and care and sent us the dogs to provide it. some became such “regulars” on our walks that we named them.

FlyAwayU | Moroccan Spirit Guide Dog: Molly
Moroccan Spirit Guide Dog: Molly


The first is “Molly” an older dog with a loyal, loving people worshipping personality. She would meet us at one end of the beach and walk with us down the entire beach and back. Molly loved to play in the waves. She would come get some pets and love from us then bound off after a wave.

FlyAwayU | Moroccan Spirit Guide Dogs: the Twins
Moroccan Spirit Guide Dogs: the Twins

The Twins

Then there were the “Twins”. Our first meeting with the Twins was a little traumatic because a large older dog was beating up on them. Our approach broke up the abuse and the Twins escorted us down the beach that day. The yellow and white female of the pair joined us on several other walks over the course of our month-long stay but the male always stayed behind after that first trip.

FlyAwayU | Moroccan Spirit Guide Dogs: Rufus
Moroccan Spirit Guide Dog: Rufus


Finally, there was Rufus. We met Rufus outside our front door that day and several more thereafter. He was friendly and playful, leading us down to the beach and back every day. He even joined us for walks over to the Wednesday Souk which was about 2.3 kilometers away (1.4 miles).

Rufus loved to play with rocks, treating them as balls. Worried he would hurt his teeth, Heidi tried to get him to chase sticks, with no luck. Rufus also likes to get in Heidi’s way when she was shell-hunting.

Rufus turned out to be special in the fact that he wasn’t a stray. We found out one day when walking back up from the beach when his owner spotted him and stopped to take him home. We found out his real name was Aloha but he remained Rufus to us. When didn’t see Rufus again until the day we were leaving. I stepped out the door to put the trash out and there was Rufus. He stayed long enough for us to say goodbye and then disappeared again.

And that was the last of our Spirit Guide Dogs from Tamraght because we were off to a new location. Our plan is to adopt a stray once we settle down. Until then we enjoy the company of our housesit pets.

If you’re thinking of visiting Tamraght, we flew into Marrakech, then traveled down to Tamraght. Buses, taxis, and private drivers are the best way to get there.

And don’t miss out on our An Experience of a Lifetime: How to Survive the Medina of Marrakech, if spending time in Marrakech.

FlyAwayU | Travel Tales: Our Walks with Moroccan Spirit Guide Dogs

2 thoughts on “Travel Tales: Our Walks with Moroccan Spirit Guide Dogs

  • 03/01/2018 at 11:58

    What a beautiful post 🙂 I love that you named a few of your ‘spirit guide dogs’ and I love the sentence that descries how you believe they were sent to you for extra love and care. Tamraght is one of my favourite villages in Morocco and I’m so pleased you enjoyed your time there too 🙂

    • 03/01/2018 at 15:55

      Thanks for the kind words Katie. Tamraght is a special place for sure. We spent a month there and I would enjoy going back just to see the dogs 🙂 (and the beach).


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