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So the language thing creates all sorts of fun when you’re travelling.

Some people are great at speaking to people in a second language. Some aren’t, always using complicated words and speaking too fast. While others just have really thick, unfamiliar accents that make understanding everything really difficult!

I had a bit of a tricky situation when I entered El Salvador. I needed to get a bus to the next town, but I wasn’t sure where I needed to wait, when the bus would come, how much it would cost, whether I had enough money (my card wasn’t working in any of the ATMs in town!) or just, generally, what was going on.

Enter, my four El Salvadorian friends, who were very keen to help out a helpless gringa like me!

There were just a few problems:

  • This was my first time in El Salvador, and the accent was like nothing I’d encountered yet. I thought I was getting ok at Spanish, but suddenly I was back to understanding next to nothing!
  • These guys figured out I spoke English and tried to use some English words, but they really didn’t know English, and the mix just got even MORE confusing.
  • All four of them were speaking at once. That’s tricky to understand even when you do speak the language!
  • AND I’m pretty sure they didn’t know anything about the bus anyway.

But I appreciated them for trying to help me.

The best bit about the experience was the guy who kept asking his friends, “Como se dice ‘bus’ en Ingles?,” which means “how do you say bus” in English. “Bus,” they told him. It’s the same word. “Ah,” he said. “Si, si.” But then, a moment later –

Como se dice ‘bus’ en Ingles?

Bus, bus. Es lo mismo (it’s the same),” they told him.

Ah. Si, si.“–

Como se dice ‘bus’ en Ingles?

Seriously – four or five times in 5 minutes. “Como se dice ‘bus’ en Ingles?

It was pretty funny. He was so keen to help me but just didn’t know how! Also – I do actually know the Spanish word for bus – it’s BUS!

I did eventually manage to catch the bus to the next town, and I’d like to say it was thanks to their help, but I think it might actually have been in spite of their help rather than because of it!

Still – like I said, I did appreciate it and them!

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