Children Under 16 Passport

The biggest difference between applying for an adult passport and a child is the need for showing parental/guardian relationship and consent.

Showing parental/guardian relationship is as easy as bringing:

  • the official or certified copy of the child's US or foreign birth certificate
  • adoption decree
  • Consular Report of Birth Abroad
  • or divorce/Custody decree.

How to Show Parental/Guardian Consent

Showing parental/guardian consent is easy if both parents/guardians can go with the child when applying.

Depending on the circumstance, it's a little more complicated if both parents cannot go or aren't in the picture.

For sole custody, submit:
  • court order granting you sole custody
  • a court order granting you permission to apply alone
  • child's birth certificate or adoption decree listing only one parent
  • judicial declaration of parental incompetence
  • the death certificate of one parent.
One parent/guardian unable to appear:
One parent/guardian is unlocatable:
Neither parent/guardian is able to appear:
  • Third party can apply with the child with a notarized permission statement from both or legal custody parents/guardians.
  • Must include photocopies of parents/guardians identification.

Here's a handy printable checklist for helping you make sure you have everything you need to apply for your child's passport.

Child's passport application checklist
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