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"The price of inaction is far greater than the cost of making a mistake." ~Meister Eckhart

Rookie mistakes suck and are completely avoidable.

You're going to make enough mistakes out there in the world as it is, so why not learn from others and avoid making the rookie ones?

Travel is such a well-documented subject, you can watch a few videos or read a few articles and know what mistakes not to make on your first trip out.

We'll use this page to share a few of the rooky mistakes we've learned and how to avoid them. We'll also link you to several other travel experts and let them help you as well, so that the next time you travel or the first time, you won't make any of these rookie travel mistakes.

Rookie Mistakes

#1: Don't pack more than you need.

You'll hear this tip over and over again but we still see people traveling with one, two or more large suitcases, plus several personal items. Unless you are using your luggage to move you to another location (a great money saving tip for moving because the cost of flying with your bags is usually cheaper than shipping), you don't need to travel with your entire closet and the kitchen sink.

#2: Know which airport, train or bus station or wherever you're leaving from.

This might sound obvious, but it is an easy mistake to make. Trust me, as experienced as we are, we still managed to make this mistake once. We found ourselves at the wrong airport in Paris and had to take a very expensive cab to the right airport. Always double check where you're leaving from.

#3: Always check the carry-on size and number of items allowed onboard for the airline you are using.

Yep, another easy and expensive mistake to make. One that cost us 100 euros with Ryanair. We were traveling with our US-sized carry-ons which are HUGE compared to most of the European sizes. Always check the sizes of carry-ons and number of personal items allowed on the airlines you are flying with. If you are carrying too many items or a too large carry-on, either check your baggage or get rid of part of it.

Nadine Sykora's 25 Rookie Travel Mistakes

We completely agree with all of Nadine Sykora from HeyNadine.Com's 25 Rookie Travel Mistakes and how not to make them. Watch this quick video for a fast education which will have you traveling like a pro in no time (or at least in 16 minutes from now).

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