Staying Connected

FlyAwayU | Staying Connected

Have you figured out how you're going to stay connected while traveling?

It's an important question and we highly recommend you figure out your plan before you go.

Your communication options when traveling:

  • Go with a US phone plan
  • Get SIM cards in the countries you are traveling to
  • Buy cheap phones in the countries you are visiting
  • Use wi-fi only

If you plan on buying SIM cards as you go, you must have an unlocked phone.

Cheapest Option:

Use wi-fi only but you will only have a connection where you have wi-fi which can be limiting. But it is doable.

Our Recommendation:

Plan on using a combination. Get a good US plan, unless you are moving permanently, then you'll want to go with a local plan.

We recommend getting a T-Mobile plan. They have the best plans for traveling, covering over 140 countries with free data and texting.

Since some countries aren't covered, you'll need to buy a SIM card or use wi-fi to avoid the hefty charges. In Morocco (the only country we visited not covered by T-Mobile), we purchased 4GBs of data per month for $8 USD and used wi-fi.