What type of luggage person are you?

David and I prefer carrying a small carry-on and small backpack each. My sister travels with no less than one giant (and I do mean giant) suitcase, a carry-on, and a large purse. My friend Molly travels with a large backpack.

And in all that, you have to consider the size, weight, and item restrictions of each airline because there is no airline industry standard.

What should be an easy topic, really becomes complicated pretty quickly.

So how do you choose the right luggage? After all, when traveling your luggage goes everywhere you go.

We're here to help you with that by supplying plenty of information guessed it, luggage.

How to Choose the Right Luggage

  1. Begin by remembering that luggage type is a personal choice. What works for David and I might not work for you. So get what's going to work for you and your travel situation.
  2. Buy high-quality luggage. Cheap luggage might sound like the way to go because you save money in the beginning but it doesn't hold up. Before long, you'll have busted zippers or the seams ripping out. Remember your luggage has to stand up to travel conditions which can get pretty rough. Go ahead and spend a little more and your luggage will last much longer.
  3. Hard or soft case? That is a personal choice. Both have their advantages. Hard protects your items better and is often waterproof, but it scratches. Soft has some flex which means you can cram another item or two in, but it also doesn't protect as well and can stain easier.
  4. Carry-on or large suitcases? Travel smart. You have to lug these bags around the airport, city, and anywhere else you visit, plus store them when at home. Remember our less is more tip?
  5. Know the allowed dimensions for the airline carriers you're flying to make sure you buy carry-ons that will be allowed on the plane. Gate fees are hefty if they decide to make you check your bag because it's too big. Check out Travel Made Simple's Carry-On Size Chart for over 150 different airlines, including links to the airline sites for easy help.
  6. Do remember that the wheels count when sizing your luggage.
  7. Look for lightweight but sturdy construction.
  8. Pick out colors that will help your luggage stand out in the sea of bags. You can read more about that in How to Make Your Luggage Stand Out In the Crowd.
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