Where to Find the Best Travel Deals

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How do you find the best deals on travel?

This isn't the easiest question to answer because every experienced traveler has his or her own secret (or not so secret) formula for finding the best deals on travel.

There really is no right or wrong method for finding travel deals, except to do what works for you.

Some people like to travel hack using credit and loyalty card points. Others work the system through travel dates and times until they find the best deal. And still others like to use travel agents (not the way to find the cheapest deal but remember, it is about doing what works for you).

David and I don't do much travel hacking using points. Instead, we plan our travel around the cheapest travel dates and watch for airlines deals.

But as I said, there is no right or wrong way. We'll share what we do, along with links to others who can offer helpful tips on finding the best travel deals. And don't forget to read our article #1 Hack to Make Your Travel More Affordable.

We look forward to hearing stories about your best travel deals, so please don't forget to share.

Where We Find the Best Travel Deals

Google Flights


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