Myths, Fears & Misconceptions

Myths, Fears & Misconceptions | Flyawayu

One of the main questions that David and I get asked about traveling out of the US is "do you feel safe?"

Yes, we feel safe. As a matter of fact, we often feel safer living outside the US than we do living at home and we live in Denver, CO which is one of the lower crime rated cities.

We do feel intimated sometimes about not knowing the language or the customs, but that's a normal feeling when things are new.

It's so easy to see why US citizens might think the world outside the boundaries of the US is such an ugly and unsafe place to be when bombarded by the ugliness portrayed by the US media.

The truth is if you apply the same common sense methods that you use for staying safe here in the US to the rest of the world, you're pretty much going to be safe outside the US as well.

And we highly recommend that you get your news from sources outside the US. Fear mongering is huge business in the US and much of what you hear is overblown and taken highly out of context.

Take Mexico for example. Should you visit Mexico or do you have to worry about being murdered, raped or kidnapped?

The likelihood just isn't that high that any of these things will happen.

Does it appear that it is a dangerous country based on the news media and newly released statistics?

Yes, of course, it does. But you have to put those numbers into perspective and use a little logic and common sense.

You stand a better chance of getting hurt or killed, right here at home but let's look at the causes of death in Mexico in 2015 (data taken from the US Department of State website).

  • 28 people drowned
  • 22 committed suicide
  • 73 died in a vehicle accident
  • 30 died by "other" causes (whatever that means)
  • 81 were murdered
  • 1 involved in a maritime accident
  • 7 in drug related crimes
  • 242 US citizens died from some cause in Mexico in 2015
  • No one was kidnapped that year

Now check out those facts when compared to the US in our infographic below and draw your own conclusions about your safety in Mexico or other countries around the world.

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