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FlyAwayU | Make It Happen SignHere's where you start the journey of a lifetime, start discovering your choices and making connections.

You'll soon find out that we're not just here to sell you a vacation. NOPE! We're here to teach you that you have options and choices for a lifestyle you probably only ever dreamed about and never imagined you could have.

So while you may have just joined us to look around or you're here because you already know you want something different, we're still happy you joined us because it means you're ready for a change.

And if you really did just join us for better vacation planning, we're sure you'll find plenty to help you there as well


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  • Free Lifetime Membership
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  • First Time Traveler Dos & Don’ts
  • Step-by-Step Instructions for Getting Your First Passport
  • Tips & Tricks to Prepare You For Your First Trip Abroad
  • Downloadable and Printable Lists
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  • Introduction to the FlyAwayU Experts
  • 1-Month free for all paid referrals (Non-affiliates) ($30 Value)
  • Become an affiliate and get paid 10% of what you sell
  • 5% back on all $50 or more FlyAwayU Expert products, services and packages purchased through the FlyAwayU website
  • And so much more.

Enjoy all this valuable information to help plan your next vacation, learn how to get your passport, escape the desk job, or find out how you can get a NO or LOW DEBT education in a country abroad.

We are constantly updating with new information and seeking out new experts and professionals who can offer choices and solutions for educating, traveling or moving abroad.

David and I are here to help guide you as well, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

Have Fun Learning About the Choices You Have!

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