How to Take a Vacation Without Breaking the Bank

FlyAwayU | how to take a vacation without breaking the bank

All year long, people work hard. Vacations afford you the opportunity to kick back and enjoy life, solitude and some sanity away from the daily hustle of this crazy world.

There are so many reasons why vacations are important, but according to USA Today, one of the most tangible benefits of taking vacations is the notable improvement of one’s physical and mental health after a periodic time off, thereby increasing productivity once back to work.

Why Taking a Vacation is Important

While research shows that the reasons for taking a holiday are very important and include benefits such as:

  1. Relieving stress
  2. Helping you lose weight
  3. Increasing your productivity
  4. Improving your sex life
  5. Creating more focus
  6. Making you happier
  7. Healthier relationships
  8. You’re sick less often
  9. You sleep better
  10. Lowering risk of heart attacks

Many people are still missing out on the benefits gained by vacationing. According to research from the Associated Press’s NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, 43% of Americans won’t be taking a summer vacation, with 49% of the non-vacationers citing cost as the top reason for skipping the trip.

FlyAwayU | how to take a vacation without breaking the bank

If the essence of taking a vacation is to relax and reduce stress, then going broke attempting one certainly isn’t going to yield the desired results. So how do you plan a vacation without breaking the bank and get all the wonderful benefits of taking time off?

1. Set Your Vacation Goals

What are your holiday goals? Are you only trying to see something new? Experiencing something different? Taking care of your skin? Tasting new cuisines? Setting a specific goal or target is the first step in taking an affordable vacation.

2. Plan Ahead

Select a location that best suits the goal you’re seeking to achieve. Then research like crazy. Find out if there are discount offers, like Groupon or local sales, available for activities you would like to do while you’re there. Or see if you have any rewards saved up from using your credit card. And don’t forget to check out advice from travel bloggers!

3. Go Somewhere Less Popular

When choosing a location, less popular areas can sometimes be the smart financial choice. Do avoid unsafe places such as those affected by war, large protests or disease outbreaks. Otherwise, going to less popular areas can save you a lot of money, and you can avoid the crowds of tourists, making your vacation much more authentic.

4. Never Set Your Dates First

While you’re planning to take a trip, NEVER, ever set your dates first! Flexibility is key to taking affordable vacations. You can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, by investigating the cost of a location and travel days before setting your dates.

5. Book Ahead of Time

Travel is always cheaper when booked ahead. Try booking flights at least three months in advance. And while hotels and Airbnb usually don’t go up in price, they do become reserved. So book ahead to make sure you get the one you want. While booking, Just make sure you ask for full disclosure of any hidden expenses like taxes. A side benefit to booking ahead is that you can plan events, which can also save you both time and money.

6. Be Honest About What You Can Afford

Be frank with yourself about what you can and cannot afford. Set limits on your spending based on what you can afford to spend (hopefully, without putting it all on a credit card). No matter what goal you intend to achieve on your trip, it’s really wise to determine how much you have to spend before you go. Also, try to have a little extra allowance for those forgotten, unexpected, or hidden costs.

FlyAwayU | how to take a vacation without breaking the bank

7. Split the Cost with Friends

Plan a vacation with friends. Life is enjoyed more in the company of those we love. Plus, by sharing accommodations and cutting the expenses, you can save money.

8. Volunteer or Barter

Volunteering and bartering are great ways to experience new cultures and locations. These options are for the more adventurous and those not looking to do absolutely nothing while vacationing because they do require that you work during your vacation. Volunteering offers the side benefits of getting to see places most tourists are not allowed to access and give back to society. With bartering, you exchange your time for room and board saving you the cost of both.

9. See What Nature Has to Offer

Many parks and beaches are free. Take a long stroll in the park, go to the beach, swim, grab a picnic basket, go hiking or spend a lazy day enjoying the peace and serenity nature presents. Not every activity has to cost you a fortune to be fun.

Don’t skip your summer vacation this year. Instead, have a good time, relax and smile knowing you’ll have plenty of money left in the bank when you return home because you used these nine money saving tips for how to take a vacation without breaking the bank

Peace Adeoye
Peace Adeoye

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