How to Make Your Luggage Stand Out In the Crowd

FlyAwayU | How to Make Your Luggage Stand Out
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Intently peering at the luggage carousel, you crane your neck and strain your eyes in attempts to distinguish your bags from the other similarly colored and sized bags bumping along the continuously rotating loop.

I always wondered if the luggage manufacturers got together and decided to play a sick joke on travelers when they decided what colors the majority of luggage would be.

It makes it a real reality that people mistakenly snatch other people’s bags without realizing it.

David and I have been in that boat. On a trip to Las Vegas, we made the mistake of accidentally grabbing someone else’s bag.

What a headache!

By the time we realized it, we were at our hotel. We had to get a cab back to the airport, return the bag and then locate ours in lost baggage. Not to mention, we also completely screwed up someone else’s day as well!

Since then, we’ve done things differently and want to share what we’ve learned on how to make your luggage stand out from everyone else’s.

5 Important Things We’ve Learned About Luggage

  1. The majority of luggage comes in five colors and three sizes: blue, black, brown, red or gray and large, medium and small.
  2. You need a way to make your luggage uniquely identifiable.
  3. If you’re carrying more than one bag, always divide everyone’s things equally between all the bags, instead of just packing a bag for each person.
  4. We prefer carry-on luggage to putting bags under the plane.
  5. Always include your name and contact information inside your luggage.

FlyAwayU | How Do You Make Your Luggage Stand Out in the Crowd

5 Ways How to Make Your Luggage Stand Out From Everyone Else’s

After our Las Vegas debacle, we investigated the different ways we could make our luggage stand out from all the other exact looking luggage when traveling. And these are the five most practical ways we discovered.

1. Choose Unusual Colors, Patterns, and Graphics

If you don’t already own luggage, buying bags with unique colors, patterns and graphics is the way to go.

While the choice of butterflies or pink zebra print might not be your first choice, it is an awesome way to make your luggage stand out on the baggage carousel. Of course, you don’t have to go that flamboyant, but do consider options that are outside the norm when buying your new luggage.

2. Tie Strips of Fabric to Your Bags’ Handles

We combined options #1 and #2 helping identify our bags, and it’s worked very well for us. First, we purchased bright blue and pink luggage. Then, we visited the local craft store and bought a different remnant swatch of cloth, which we cut into strips and tied to the handles of our luggage. We now quickly pick out our bags in the crowd.

You can also dig through your closet for those old scarves, ties, bandanas or tie-dyed tee shirts to use. Just remember, don’t make your strips too long or they can hang up on conveyor belts or get caught in cracks.

We also recommend using the same fabric on all your bags to make identifying the whole party easier.

3. Use Colored or Patterned Duct Tape

I don’t think there’s anything duct tape can’t fix, but maybe that’s the Southern girl in me talking. It certainly does make an excellent way to help identify your bags.

Wrap colored or patterned duct tape around the handles of your suitcase or stick it in wide strips around the sides. Anything to make your bag stand out.

Duct tape adheres easily and is a simple solution for making your bags look different.

4. Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are a great way to personalize your bags.

Most travel stores carry them, and there are quite a few custom creators on Esty that make fantastically awesome luggage tags.

You’ll have to buy large ones to make them easily seen.

5. Craft Paint

Get a set of stencils or rubber stamps and paint something fun on your bags using craft paint. Or you can do the old standby of painting an “X” across your luggage. We saw that more than a few times in both the German and Italian airports.

Do you have any unusual ways to identify your bags when traveling? What do you use to help you reduce the logistical nightmare of finding your luggage in the sea of bags on the conveyor belt? We look forward to hearing your ideas and stories.

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