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How to Make Money and Live the Life You Want

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"How do you make money while traveling?" is #1 question David and I get asked when discussing our location independent lifestyle. 

"Not playing the slot machines or the lottery" I can tell you, although that would be nice. 

Not having money is the #1 fear of everyone.

And rightly so, since we need it for food, clothing, education, shelter, and TRAVEL. 

So how do we make our money?

We mostly freelance, but we are working to diversify our income into multiple streams of income using affiliate marketing, product sales and of course, FlyAwayU.


So how can YOU make money?

Honestly, it is up to you!

But don't think that we're leaving you out in the cold with no ideas.

Not only do we have ideas for how you can make money, but we've also got experts, courses, and classes that will help you learn how. 

Do you want to be the next digital nomad or stay-at-home mom?

Then consider: 

  • becoming a freelance contractor: consulting, writing, photography, virtual assistants, project managers, graphics design, coaching, social media marketing, and more, depending on your areas of expertise. This field is only limited by your imagination. 
  • an affiliate marketer: that's right you don't even have to create your own products. Sell other people's. 
  • work for a forward-thinking company who loves location independent employees (you can always remind your boss how much money it will save him by not having to have office space for you).
  • teach English or other languages.
  • develop your own products. 

Would you rather work a traditional job but want to do it somewhere else?

Then consider:

  • getting a work visa in another country and relocating (our expert Tracey from Know Your World would be happy to help you with this option). 

Are you a student who wants to work while going to school abroad?

Then consider:

However, you decide to make money, consider choosing more than one option, so that you have multiple streams of income. In today's flighty world, it's better not to rely on one source of income because things change so rapidly. 

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