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FlyAwayU | Be in the Driver's Seat

Why You SHOULD Become a First Class Member of FlyAwayU

  1. Because the perks in First Class are ALWAYS better than coach.
  2. You get A LOT more stuff. We all like stuff but what's amazing about this stuff is that it will help put you in the driver's seat for living YOUR dreams.
  3. Learn how to continue your education, whether you're fresh out of high school or looking to expand your education with an undergrad, Master, and P.hD. degree, with NO DEBT.
  4. You get access to cool people like David and me and all our experts.
  5. It's all about #Roaming Education. Learn how you can travel, make and save money, and not remain chained to a desk (unless you want to be).
  6. Awesome discounts on amazing products that will teach you how to travel, interesting ways to make money from your computer, tips and tricks for living abroad, and so much more.
  7. Join a tribe of people who think like you do.
  8. Meetup around the world with your Mapahub membership.
  9. You can get your lifetime membership for ONLY $149 right now! (It becomes $249 annually later on).

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