Finding Focus: How to Overcome Fear and Distractions

FlyAwayU | Finding Focus: How to Overcome Fear and Distractions

Lately, it seems like I’m always running behind. It’s already the beginning of Day 2, and I’m just getting started on Day 1. Does this have a familiar ring to it? Do you always feel like you’re running behind and you haven’t even gotten out of bed yet?

It does for me. I often find myself making excuses for why I’m not completing the goals I set for myself. I’m trying. I’m working my ass off, getting loads of things done. It’s just not always the things I need to be getting done. It’s time to figure out what’s keeping me distracted and find focus. Because if I don’t, David and I won’t make our dream and goal of moving to Portugal. AND that is very important to us both. So how am I going to find my focus?

FlyAwayU | Conquering Fear

Confronting and conquering the fear. 

I’m starting with the hardest part first.

I’m afraid of my business success.

Why? Why would anyone be afraid of success?

I don’t know exactly. I’ve been very fortunate in my past business, but for some reason, I shy away from it now. I find so many excuses as to why I’m not doing well. They are all reasonable reasons. My cold pitches aren’t working well. The competition in my niche is fierce. Maybe I’m not pitching the right people.

BUT the plain hard cold truth is that I’m afraid.

It’s deep-seated. And until writing this post, I haven’t been honest with myself about the fear. I’m not sure why. It’s something I’ll have to explore more in-depth now that I’ve finally admitted the truth. Why am I afraid?

Maybe it’s because I worked so freaking hard at success before and it didn’t make me happy. Maybe I just need to redefine my goal of success. I don’t know. I’m going to have to dig deep for that one and figure it out because it’s what needs to happen.

While it’s hard, admitting my fear is the first step to overcoming it. I don’t like to admit to weakness. In my world, revealing to weakness can hurt you. No one wants to admit to faults or deficiencies. But I’m strong. I’m stronger than the fear. I can do this. What is your weakness? What are your concerns? And what are you doing to face them and move on?

My solution?

  1. Yoga and meditation.
  2. Face my fear and move forward.
  3. Stop letting fear rule my life.
  4. Step up and overcome.

If you’re wondering why I listed yoga and meditation first, it’s for two reasons. They help center the mind, calming and relaxing. Exercise helps with stress, releasing endorphins and works against depression. When I practice both on a regular basis, I feel more hopeful, connected with both myself and others, and like I can conquer the world, placing me in the perfect mindset to help defeat and overcome my fears. And I’m getting started today. Isn’t it time you started as well?

FlyAwayU | Removing and Conquering Distractions

Removing or conquering distractions.

Distractions. It’s so easy to be distracted today. There are a million and one things to discover on the internet. Friends need help with building their blog, David comes home wanting to do something else, new emails pop into my inbox, I need to walk a dog or do the laundry, or trying out an original recipe is much more delightful.

Finding focus and freedom means finding ways to work around or with the distractions. I know what I have to do. I will create a plan and implement it.

My plan?

  1. Setting clear boundaries. Regular work hours with scheduled breaks. During work hours, I’m off limits for other things.
  2. Putting distraction removal software on my computer and using it to remove the temptation from email and social media.
  3. Meditation. I love the effect of meditation, but I do get lazy and start skipping it because “I’m busy.” But I’ve found that meditation helps me with focus and ignoring distractions, so it’s time to get back to meditating.

Woot! It feels good to have a plan of attack. Time to implement and find my focus. The next stop…success and Portugal. How are you planning to overcome the fears and distractions in your life? Are you ready to move forward? Do you have a plan? If not, it’s time to get one.

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