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FlyAwayU | Are You Ready for Something Else?

I woke up from a dream yesterday morning, with the words “Are you ready for something else?” echoing through my brain. I don’t remember the dream details, just that one line, which stuck with me the rest of the day.

YES, I’m ready for something else. I’m moving on. Are you?

Aren’t you tired of all the political bullshit, worrying about what your healthcare will be tomorrow, taxes, or if you’ll even be able to afford to retire?

I know David and I are. We had a taste of the better life while living abroad in Europe last year. Our expenses dropped from $4,100 a month (2-bedroom, balconied flat, 1 car, going out to eat and entertainment, healthcare, etc.) to $2,500 with little effort for living in countries like Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Ireland and the UK (we lived in Morocco for about $1,700 a month). That $2,500 included our insurance, storage unit rental, US cellphone fees, and all our living expenses including transportation, eating out, going out, drinking plenty of wine and enjoying life.

Now back in Denver (temporarily, due to David’s dad getting sick), we are back to paying about $3,600 a month (1-bedroom basement apartment, rarely going out to eat or entertainment, no car, healthcare) because the living expenses in Denver have gone up A LOT over the last two years.

Plus, David had to take a BIG pay cut from $45 an hour to $30 for doing the same job he’s always been doing in the oil and gas industry because it’s an employer’s market.

Does that sound like the American Dream to you?

It doesn’t to us! We’ve worked too hard to live the “Average American Dream.” We want more options, choices and say how we get to live. And we’re going to get it.

So, what about you? Are you ready for something else? Are you tired of watching your American Dream being stripped away little by little? Want to be our neighbor in Europe in 2018? Or maybe you’d rather head to South America?

The choice is up to you. This dream isn’t just for us. It’s for anyone.

FlyAwayU | The American Dream

Having doubts?

I can promise you that I had A LOT of doubts in the beginning.

We couldn’t afford it. What if we got hurt? How would we make money? Is it safe? What would happen to all our stuff? Would we miss our friends?

I had HUGE doubts. Yes, we had money in savings, and I was freelancing, but David had just lost his high-paying job to the US oil and gas crash. Our health benefits were gone. We had student loans to pay, and Denver isn’t a cheap place to live, especially when you’re job hunting. So what else were we to do? Sit around and wait until the money ran out? Or go for it?


I booked the cheapest flight out the country: New York to Copenhagen. Then got to work selling our stuff, lining up house sits so that we could gain references, signed up to WorkAway, booked three months worth of Airbnb rentals in Italy, Portugal and Spain (1-month in each), and paid for a year’s worth of travel insurance. In September 2015, David made a budget, and we hit the road for some of the most amazing adventures of our lives.

FlyAwayU | Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. Suzy Kassem

And the doubts?

They’re gone now. The fear of the unknown is the worst kind of fear because it fucks with your head. Not only could we afford it but now we know the world is just as safe outside the US as it is inside and that making money on the road is doable. AND we found out that although we can only have the Average American Dream inside the US, outside, we can have the real American Dream, only it looks more like a Portuguese Dream for us.

We’re back in Denver right now, but it’s only temporary. We’re moving to Portugal next year.

Sound tempting? Stop waiting and go for it. I promise you’ll be glad you did. I know we are.

Are you ready for something else?

If you want to hear more of our story and how we did it, reach out. We’re always up for answering questions or even helping you find your solution for the Average American Dream.

Tell us what’s the #1 thing holding you back from traveling and living abroad.

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